Hundreds of wind park projects on all continents provide evidence of the high competence of the IHNEN teams.

How can a long-term and secure wind measurement be guaranteed?

What is the best solution for difficult conditions at site?

Make use of many years of experiences and the complete technical service.

  • Planning and organisation of the measurement
    Complete project planning incl. disposition of staff
  • Complete equipment
    incl. special crawler and tools for all kind of conditions
  • Transport
    worldwide incl. freight papers, visa and precise time management
  • Installation
    incl. road access, anchoring material depending on the soil condition, cable prestress check, installation of measuring technology, energy supply
  • Operation, maintenance and repairings
    incl. stability check, fast repairings in case of breakdown of devices (e.g. due to lightnings), back-up system
  • All necessary datas
    such as wind power/-direction, rain, air pressure etc., are calculated according to the legal guidelines for certification
  • Dismounting
    Retreating work or changing site
  • Storing of masts being temporarily unused or letting out

For any kind of further questions concerning your wind park project do not hesitate to contact our managing director Mr. Willm Ihnen.

Phone: +49 4941 1795-0,