Complete wind analysis

We will make your wind park project successful.

Also when it comes to analysing the obtained datas, planning , technical testings of your wind park or obtaining the required certification we are able to offer you the complete service out of one hand-in a close cooperation with the Deutsche WindGuard, an international leading expert for advisory services all around wind energy.

  • Pre Analysis
    Chances and risks of a planned project: site potential, bureaucratic giudelines, geographical conditions
  • Site inspection and evaluation
    Obligatory for every project, e.g. for the determination of geographical details, conditions for road access, exposed slopes or hills
  • Feasibility study
    All kind of factors of your wind park project and the necessary prerequisite for a wind potential study summarized in detail
  • Wind potential study
    Long-term estimation of the total wind spectrum. Measurements will be strictly carried out according to the legal giudelines for certification
  • Certification
    Foundation for the permission and financing procedure as well as the guaranteed current purchase according to the Renewable Energy Law (EEG)
  • Expertise for the bank
    Energy yield prognosis with all necessary verifications and documentations incl. 60 percent proofs of references according to EEG

For any kind of further questions concerning your wind park project do not hesitate to contact our managing director Mr. Willm Ihnen.

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